Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mom reporting

Hello gang, today we are feeling good and had a chance to rest a bit more. Doctors say we may be able to go home tonight. Valeria is doing great and she is sooooooo gorgeous!

Newspaper Search!!!

To keep with The Gonzalez tradition we need to find yesterday's (Nov 8th) newspaper as a keepsake of the day Valeria was born. PLEASE save any newspaper you may have and let us know.

Gabriela meets Valeria

Gabriela met Valeria yesterday and her reaction was adorable. She saw Valeria and said "Valeria ya salio!" (Valeria came out) She touched her, smelled her and kissed her, it was soooooo cute.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friendly calls

Friends, in case you wish to call to congratulate the mom or send your best wishes to dad we would be in room 141B at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View 650-988-8356. At least we'll be here till Monday.

Yei.....! 4:00AM

At exactly 4:00AM on Nov 8, 2008 mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighting 7lb 6oz and 21.5" bundle of joy, Valeria Nicole Gonzalez.

Nov 8 it's a particular special date for us as 11 years ago Anel & I got married on a 28th day... then Gabriela was born on July the 2nd and now Valeria is born on Nov 8th for a complete circle (28th)

BTW - her first sneeze just happend 28mins after birth...!

2:07AM and 8cm

Super nice Nurse Margarite checked on mom, 8cm... just 2cm more to go, just about now Gabriela finally went to bed... too much excitement.

Friday, November 7, 2008

11:10PM Epidural is in...

Yeap... better safe than sorry, we have chosen to use some medication to get mom comfortable. Dr. Rick Nelson came in and in 10mins flat and 3 to 4 contractions later mom is feeling much better. We hope this would make the whole experience more enjoyable... Anel is even laughing a little.

... and surprise (9:12PM)

... forgot to mention that at the same time that grandma and Betzy showed up... Grandpa came along as a surprise... we had some figuring out to fit into the car... Will upload pictures soon.

... and here we go (7:15PM)

Hey Guys here is the first report... we just got to the hospital after a split decision of going to the airport or the hospital. Well the decision was to head to the airport to pick up grandma and Aunt Betzy... In summary today we saw the doctor at 5:40PM and from there we head out to Wal-Mart to buy some video tapes for the camcorder, shortly after at around 6:26PM Anel started some mild contractions but we hadn't have dinner.... so we took a quick bite before the airport run. With contractions 7 to 8 minutes apart we headed to the airport. Literally touch and go and straight back to the hospital arriving around 10PM.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hello all

Valeria is not coming yet but we created this blog and want to make sure it works before she comes. This way we can keep you posted as we go along with the process. Today we are 2 days away from THE DAY. I am feeling good but HEAVY! We are very excited and can't wait to meet Valeria.